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Let’s be real. Do I honestly see myself posting outfits of the week for the rest of my years? Absolutely not. Oh My Jaimee was the birth of corporate boredom and the seduction of social media mixed in with my irresponsibility with money. Trust me, I am in no place to be telling others what they should or should not wear whether it be hot, cold or monsooning out. Oh My Jaimee quickly became an oh my I made a mistake and I’ve already paid for the domain name for three years. However, not all is lost.

What I do want to use this platform for is to inspire growth and I mean that in the most selfish way possible. I want to use Oh My Jaimee as something that is purely mine,  a way I can find my voice and lose it all over again. Why not?

Something Borrowed [from the boyfriend’s closet]



What I’m Wearing:

Jeans (Similar) / Jacket (Similar)  / Shoes (Similar)

When there’s nothing to wear in MY closet, naturally I find myself wandering in my boyfriend’s. This day was particularly dreary after a morning’s worth of rain so I instinctively went for comfort. I chose a pair of Twon’s worn jeans to compliment his warmest sweater, then tied the piece together with a camouflage jacket to add more dimension to an otherwise neutral look. How do you ladies style boyfriend jeans?

Sweater Weather





What I’m Wearing:

Top  / Skirt  (similar) / Shoes (similar)

Fall is quickly becoming my favorite season in California. There’s something about the crispness in the air in the morning that isn’t quickly followed by hypothermia. (Ahem, Chicago.) I based my look on the fall color palette – burnt oranges, oxblood, and overall darker tones. I opted for a chunkier tweed skirt with a lighter cable knit sweater to create an outfit that’s perfect for work or a day of fall fun.

Black Friday

Full body



What I’m Wearing:

Top (Similar) / Skirt / Watch

Hope you all had an absolutely wonderful Thanksgiving this year! I’m going to keep this post short and sweet for all those on the move this holiday weekend. I paired my faux leather a-line skirt with an asymmetric black top to add a more movement to my outfit. Both items can be found at Zara and if you act fast enough- they’re 30% off today! Well I’m headed to Target and the outlet mall as soon as I get myself up and running. What are your plans for Black Friday this year?

Layer up

Fully body


side view


What I’m Wearing:

Dress (similar) / Sweater (similar) / Watch / Bracelet (similar)

Seasons have come and gone since I last posted and I’m back for the thick of it… WINTER. Since moving to the Bay, I’ve experienced enough to know that when they say dress in layers- they mean business. There is nothing as deceiving as the sun brightly shining through your window then getting greeted by the wind chill once you get to your front door. To combat the cold front I paired a chunky knit sweater with a playful ruffled dress. (My upper body tends to get chillier than my bottom.) I loved playing up the textures of each piece  and finished off the look with a trusty gold watch and one of my favorite bracelets.

AUTHOR’S NOTE: The unexpected wind gusts didn’t play too nicely with this dress during the shoot and I may or may not have flashed some people… but that’s a story for another day. (;

Pattern Envy

IMG_1691IMG_1678 IMG_1677

What I’m Wearing:

Hat (similar) / Romper / Shoes (similar)

It’s that time of year where you can find me romping around town – most likely with ice cream in hand. Rompers are quickly becoming a warm weather essential for me and I’ve been welcoming them into my closet with open arms.  I’ve added tons of them in various colors and styles to my spring/summer wardrobe because I find them so preciously effortless and chic. I paired paisley print with neutrals and wind blown hair (Thanks, Bay Area)  for a more put together roll out of bed look.

VLOG: From the Bay to LA

A weekend trip to Los Angeles calls for a short and sweet first vlog post from oh my jaimee.

Sadly,  a bunch of my footage got lost between my camera and laptop, so gone are the footage of Disneyland , but it was a fun trip nonetheless.

Special thank you to my girl Stephanie for salvaging the remains and putting together something I’m SO happy to share!







What I’m Wearing:

Dress / Shorts/ Shoes (Similar) / Earrings

New to the blogger game, I’ve learned that shoots can and will happen anytime and anywhere.  It was 15 minutes until the sun went down when this shoot happened and it could not have been more fast paced and… kinda exhilarating. I am so thankful to have such a solid support group who can put up with running multiple staircases and scaling buildings to open doors just to get a few photos in on a rooftop. This post is for you and for helping oh my jaimee happen. SO, SO grateful.

Now to the outfit… I am not gonna lie, I wore this dress twice this past weekend because it is so dang versatile. I chose to style them with patterned shorts and hints of gold detail for a more eclectic nighttime look. How would you wear this dress?

Weekend Warrior


What I’m Wearing:

Jacket Top / ShortsShoes (Similar)

FACT- nothing compares to being able to wear shorts in February. But- staying true to my Chicago roots, I decided to dress in layers. I paired a lightweight black crop top with a pair of acid washed highwaisted shorts and a thicker fringed hem jacket for contrast.

I spent this particular Sunday walking around the Arts District in LA with the BEST people and getting lost in all the sights and sounds of a beautiful city. The vibrant colors of the different murals mixed with the cute little niche restaurants made every corner picture perfect and super hard for me to pick just one backdrop for this post- so I didn’t. I found myself wandering into every nook and cranny and taking SO many pictures along the way.

 I loved the wolves piece pictured above because its ethereal feel and the beautiful splashes of color. (You can find another favorite of mine in the About Me section!)

Be Mine.


What I’m Wearing:

Top (similar)/ Skirt (similar)/ Shoes (similar)

February 14th… you may love it or dread it,  but either way you can still dress for it. And nothing says Valentine’s Day better than a sweet cupcake skirt paired with a flirty lace crop top. This outfit was love at first sight and when it comes to special occasions (especially those that involve food,) I have no shame in saying that I’m an outfit repeater.  This high waisted skirt was made to indulge in all the chocolate and wine you’d like without showing off that food coma pouch.

But back to Valentine’s Day… I like to keep the day lowkey and will probably just be catching a movie with my boyfriend. What are your plans?